Our planet is divided between the haves and the have-nots. 1/3 of the population live an existence where basic necessities such as food and clothing, education and medical care are assumed and ignored, whilst the remaining 2/3 face a daily struggle for these basic necessities. Yet this divide is much more than a divide of materials. It is a divide in education and skills, and this forgotten skills gap is perhaps more damaging than the material divide, as it results in disempowerment

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Many international organizations work with individuals and in building capacity of the individuals. But the reality is that the scale of their efforts, cannot match the scale of the demand. Countless numbers of individuals and organizations cannot access these services or efforts. Either due to the scarcity of the philanthropic efforts compared to the need for their services, or due to an inability to meet the minimum conditions of participations. As such many individuals and organizations fail in their endeavours due to lack of skills.

SfD helps partner organisations to build their skills. People have ideas. Ideas on how to improve their conditions and to solve their own problems. In development, we believe that is it these ideas are that the key to growth and to empowerment. Yet, in the developing world, people and organisations struggle to get the support and skills required to allow these ideas to materialise. In the majority of cases, these people and organisations, do not meet the minimum conditions required to make them eligible for support. To be eligible to support from SfD, the individuals and organisations must provide community support in the form of credible community backing and references.

SfD engages a community of skilled volunteers, to guide and advise our partner organisations and individuals.SfD does not provide funding, or assist organisations to find funding. Our emphasis is on governance, transparency and helping grass root creativity and ideas to flourish.

Our Vision

Many individuals and organisations do not meet the minimum criteria to access available help:

  • SfD aims to work with those who are thus disempowered

Sustainable development is a process that must occur over many years:

  • SfD forms partnerships with organisations and individuals over the long term

Arguably the most disempowering factor underlying poverty and lack of development, is a lack of skills:

  • SfD pairs individuals and organisations with volunteers as part of a process of skills transfer

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