Recipient individual/organisation applies for partnership with SfD: individual/organisation must present the following
  • Details of idea/initiative: in their own words, the recipient must describe their initiative
  • Assistance required from SfD: in their own words, the recipient must describe what assistance is required from SfD, including definable objectives (SfD will not provide money)
  • Guarantor/sponsor from the community: the Guarantor/sponsor will be required to vouch for the organisation/individual. Guarantor/sponsors must be community groups and must be easily contactable

Recipient individual/organisation will be allocated a mentor:

The mentor will be the recipients primary contact within SfD.

The mentor will work with the recipient organisation to achieve their objectives

The mentor will talk into an online community of volunteers:

The online community of volunteers will assist the mentor to guide the recipient

If the mentor is dissatisfied by the recipient individual/organisation:

in this model the recipient will be responsible for the majority of the work required to achieve their objectives,

and if the recipient does not deliver on their tasks within predefined time frames,

SfD will review the partnership and eventually terminate the partnership

If the recipient organisation/individual is dissatisfied with their mentor:

they are free to request a change, and will be granted a new mentor